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. "Nemo's Death"

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I was probably not first on her list of replacement vets. I often wasn't. I wasn't well-known then, and even today some people either don't know I exist or can't find my number in the phone book. I got the impression they did not trust me just because I was a woman. I actually don't mind, as that works both ways, and usually to my benefit. “My horse hates men” is a common theme I hear, which usually translates into “my horse doesn't like anyone who makes him behave.” Nemo was a well-cared-for gelding. Despite winter, he was short coated and “rugged” (blanketed) to the hilt. He was lifting his upper lip and had “the smell” (horse-vomit breath). He did not put a foot out of place while I examined him. Nemo was one of the many stoic horses I encounter every year. These horses don't show any signs of something being wrong until their situation is verging on desperation.

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