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"George Pethick and Tora Tora Rose"

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George Pethick is eighty, and his brother is eighty-two. I don't know how old his sister is, but obviously she is of the same vintage. They are close and all share an interest in a Standardbred broodmare, Tora Tora Rose. She is hard to deal with, and George & Co. seem to delight in the fact that she kicks and occasionally bites. She hasn't had a foal that lived in many years. The last two attempts ended with dead foals. The first attending veterinarian thought the first dead foal died from hemolytic anemia. This is a condition where the mare is allergic to the foal's blood and produces antibodies to the foal's red blood cells. This allergy is usually due to an incompatibility of blood types, similar to the Rh factor in humans.

George Rose and Lizzy

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