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Look, never say never, but I have checked her twice now, and from what you are saying, the foal should be close to term and as big as your large kelpie. I doubt I am missing anything, but I suppose you could just keep watching.” I explained that my dad, also a horse vet, watched his own mare that he thought was in foal until she was a month overdue. He had a broken arm at the time and asked me up to look at her. The mare had been showing signs of labor, but nothing was happening. I was called up to do a rectal examination, just like I had done for Dorinda. I took one look at my dad's half-crazy mare and said, “What's the point? She's pregnant.” “Just do it,” he replied. So I did, and there we were, two vets looking at a very pregnant-looking mare, and of course, a mare that was not in foal! “So, I can see how you thought you saw something moving, but there is nothing there.

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