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Valley wine-growing region, forty minutes from downtown Adelaide (when the stoplight god is happy with me), and twenty minutes from the coast of the St. Vincent Gulf. It is flat as a pancake here, and there are several market gardens down the road. The hills are ten minutes away. They are rolling, lush, grassy, and green for months longer than down here.

Adelaide Hills in the Spring

In the Barossa, I can look around, and if I don't look too hard, I could swear I was in the wine country of Sonoma County, where I come from. The hills look like Santa Rosa, and from a distance, the gum trees look like the scrub oaks of California. I can get in my car, and in fifteen minutes, I can look out and see nothing but wheat fields and the occasional sheep. It is beautiful when it is green in the winter, but that is short-lived. Yet, the dry, yellow-and-gold wheat crops are inspiring as well.

The Barossa Valley
Favorite beach in South Australia

Typical view down on the Adelaide Plains

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